Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS) :

    Territory management system helps you recording, updating and analyzing your daily doctor visits. It let you easily organize your doctor visits and reflect their impact into the product movement in an online manner. In this system, you can import/export data into/from database.
    Import :
    Import data files to all master and transaction tables. The data can be tab-delimited text.
    Export :
    you can save the contents of any table to the file. The format is comma-separated values with column headings.
    The application is designed to run under Window environment. You might use every facility of the widows within the application. The entry of each form should be followed by save to have an effect. The forms are self explained.

    Supported Platforms:

    • PC
    • PDA
    PC Version:
    ETMS system contains basically 3 menus as follow:

    1. Data Base Setup Menu: concerned with data entry (Geographical Area, Products, Employee information ………)
    2. Data Base Transaction Menu: basically concerned with data entry Transaction like (Planning, Events, Sample and Gift ………)
    3. Data Base Report Menu: basically concerned with data entry reporting like (Geographical Area, Products, Employee information, Planning…….)
    This program helps user(s) to insert data, which are shared by different documents and applications.
    Ex.: Product groups, doctoral motives.
    User(s) can retrieve that data when and where it is needed without having to enter it for different applications more than one time.
    This feature will save the user(s) time, effort and makes the work more reliable.
    Data base building is set once and updated whenever it needs to be.

    PDA Version:

    Transaction Programs Via Mobile Computing or normal screen , Appointment scheduling software is an intelligent program to schedule appointment services online (medical). The interface is simple to understand and easy to use. The benefits of this application online are that all Medical Rep. are able to view and edit the Transaction ( Year Target, Quarter Target and Actual Visits) from any computer with an internet connection. Our design intent is to make it as easy as possible for even a non-technical user to quickly view and schedule an appointment. Therefore, the presentation is stripped down to just the essentials.
    Users receive on their PDAs only the list of doctors / products / entities ……… belong to them. In those programs user(s) records daily visits performed during the working day.
    Visits affect targets on line. In those programs user(s) can achieve an important feature, which is having all actions.