Human Resource Management Software

Our Services are designed to implement the most effective HRMS software solution in the most efficient manner, to monitor the ongoing needs of the organization and to support the unique requirements of each customer. We provide Human Resource oriented products and services that extend the breadth and depth of our HRMS products and that enable our customers to deliver more sophisticated and more comprehensive Human Resource services to their organizations.

Our HRM Solution

EgForIT believes that tomorrow's business advantage will not come merely from products, services, technology or distribution. It will come from unleashing the potential of your people. And software that can enable this transformation will help business leaders win. Adrenalin aims to make people your ultimate business advantage by actualizing the enormity of human potential in business through web-based enterprise applications engineered for optimal use.

EgForIT., provides high-quality, reliable and cost-effective product with:

    • Over 6000 man-months of experience in employee process automation
    • Rigorous processes for design, development and implementation.

    • Strong foundation of strategic alliances in technology, domain expertise and services
    • Dedicated investments in user and product research programs

What does EgForIT do?

It provides tools and services that helps build cohesive teams, and aligns them to a single corporate mission. It provides role-appropriate information, knowledge and action tools that motivate teams to perform beyond their potential and thereby contribute to outstanding business results.

Key Benefits

Business Benefits

    • Stimulates employee alignment
    • Creates a performance culture
    • Aids better planning, better decisions
    • Delivers significant cost-savings
    • Improves administrative responsiveness & efficiency
    • Enables greater employee satisfaction, fuels productivity

Technology Benefits
    • Automates critical HR workflow
    • Extends ERP investments cost effectively
    • Integrates seamlessly with most current IT systems
    • Reduces HR and implementation costs
    • Ensures low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    • Built on proven IBM Lotus® or Microsoft Dot Net® technologies with independent database platforms
    • Workflow-based, comprehensive HR system
      Integrated, multi-technology sign-in / attendance
    • Role-based Visibility Control / Differential Access for strong security
    • Reduced user-training time and costs due to intuitive workflow content and GUI design
    • Scalable to suit growing IT and business needs
    • Current mail system as single point of workflow approvals

Performance Management

Egforit Performance Management module helps employees:

    • Employees can identify and set goals aligned to corporate objectives in collaboration with managers
    • Goal status and modifications required by business requirements can be reviewed periodically
    • Employees can update accomplishments against milestones periodically, to help managers track progress
      Self-assessment to help inculcate a performance culture proactively
    • 180° appraisal systems to objectively review performance over a period
    • 360° feedback mechanisms to get a holistic view, that in turn inform an integrated competency profiling tool and training systems when deployed as part of integrated talent management system
    • Organisational & individual goals, plans and scores are archived to tie compensation and rewards to performance

Training & Development

EgForIT Training Management System helps managers:

    • Create training courses across locations, functions and seniority; to build an annual training calendar
    • Communicate schedule and full course details to employees; and invite nominations from employees, managers or HR
    • Assign trainers and venues and generate related correspondence
    • Conduct training courses, track attendance and record faculty and participant feedback
    • Track undersubscribed courses and view course details for corrective action
    • Generate reports to track effectiveness of training programme and budget spends


EgForIT eRecruitment module helps:
Identify vacancies and map requirements by skill sets, experience, etc.

    • Post vacancies on the internal job-board and with external consultants / media to invite applications.
    • Track and record unique resumes across sources.
    • Screen applicants by user-defined search criteria, identifying most capable resources for key initiatives, evaluate and shortlist with online testing.
    • Create and use document templates for applicant correspondence for acceptance, rejection and status at various stages.

HR & Workgroup Analytics/Reports

EgForIT Reports System helps managers:

    • Comprehensive set of reports for line managers and HR from each module
    • Skill mapping tools
    • Customised reports created to suit business requirementsGraphic reports you can export to Microsoft Excel® / Adobe® PDF / MSWord®.


EgForIT Payroll System helps managers:

    • Flexible to create multi-company payrolls with unlimited number of employees at a competitive flat price.
    • Supports weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly and monthly payrolls.
    • Have current and historical payroll reports for the company or the individual at your fingertips, including group reports for branches, departments and job categories.
    • Calculate Tax, NI, student loans, pension schemes, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP and tax credits.
    • Print P14/60, P35 and P11 reports even after year-end.
    • Fully compliant with statutory and legislative requirements.