Payroll Management Services

The needs of payroll processing have also undergone a drastic change from the earlier systems. Many companies today outsource their payroll processing to focus on their core business - thus arises the need for a payroll solution that would satisfy all the mandatory statutory filing's as well give Management detailed MIS reports. Efficient Payroll processing requires the following elements, Muster Roll and Salary slips, Statutory compliance, automation of pay advises, Income Tax Computation, deduction of TDS from Salaries and host of MIS reports including Attendance interface and if needed remote access to our clients to the payroll systems.

Payroll Management Services

Esource Global offers an integrated payroll solutions designed to offer ease of use and takes care of all mandatory and statutory compliance.

We offer valuable payroll solutions for SMEs to the most crucial activity of any organization that is payroll processing and we as Payroll Service Provider take care of the entire process right from deducting TDS, PF etc. to maintaining yearly payroll. The list of activities are mentioned below :

    • Payroll Processing deducting TDS, PF, Leaves etc.
    • Management of Employee investments & Income Tax Filings.
    • Filing employee Income tax returns.
    • Leave Management.
    • PDF reports for Monthly/Annual intervals.
      Yearly Payroll summary.
    • Maintenance of data of different salary structures.
    • Generating Monthly/Half Yearly/Yearly statutory reports for(Social contribution) PF and (Accidental Insurance & related benefits)ESI departments. Namely,

Form 2 (Employee Application Form)Monthly ESI Reports
Form 3AForm 6 (ESI)
Form 5Form 7 (ESI)
Form 6A 
Form 10 
Form 12A 
Employee Declaration Form 
Monthly PF Reports 

    • Generating Salary slips and Salary statements.
    • Changeable Salary heads and Salary structures.
    • Facility to download the reports to PF department.
    • Master database of all the employees at one place.
    • Reasons to Outsource Payroll Projects

Minimize Risk :

Doing payroll on your own is tiresome and hazardous. You'll quickly discover that there are many confusing things to track, including forms to locate, tax tables to update, reports to submit, and payments to make. You'll enter a jungle of unknown deadlines, unforgiving rules, and agencies that won't help you. And when you make a mistake, you'll probably get a tax penalty.

Leverage your time:

Small business advisers agree: struggling with payroll taxes is a distraction that takes your energy away from more useful activities. Create and grow your business. Pass the payroll headaches on to someone else.

Eliminate Software Hassles:

You skip the hassle of software updates. Leave the updates to the payroll outsourcing services. Esource Global is always up to date with the latest tax rates from around the nation.


You'll never again worry about losing the employee that does payroll.