About US
EgForIT committed to provide a complete portfolio of IBM , microsoft ,symantec , HP hardware and software products - building the platform for an extensive range of IBM , microsoft ,symantec , HP services and solutions as well as other International IT company.
is to be the most respected company in the Middle East IT industry by driving value for our clients, staff, shareholders and our communities.
is to continually improve our client centricity by focusing on improving their efficiency and competitiveness through our:
*world-class, innovative and affordable services,Premier client care, commercial acumen and proven technological leadership
*We will achieve this through the development of staff, intellectual property, our communities and the investment in our technology and service based partnerships and resources
Our Values
To be Committed
To be Knowledgeable
To be Passionate
To be Responsive
To be Ethical
Why EgForIT?
EgForIT is characterized by cooperation Clear Communications, accountability and responsiveness from all employees, as they work steadily to build value for investors, customers and themselves.
Reliability and shortest term of implementation make
EgForIT solutions the most suitable for clients.
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